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Our experience in the web design industry extends to over 10,000 websites, of all sizes and types, designed and developed over the past six years. Over time, we've successfully refined our skills, honed our understanding of what makes a great website design, and perfected our ability to deliver it. We have identified four key components, and this article explains why they are important.

1. Beautiful Design

Ironpaper: In fact, 48% of the respondents identified the design of a website as being the most important factor determining a business's credibility.

A visitor's first impression of your web will be its appearance. The ability to process visual information is 60,000 times faster than the ability to process text. Therefore, the design is the best way to get the attention of your audience and influence their engagement.

It is likely that the appearance will be perceived as a direct reflection of your product, brand, and company. According to Kinesis, users form an opinion about your website within 0.05 seconds of loading.

Visitors will subconsciously and consciously think your business is below average if your website design looks less than impressive. Having a visually appealing and interesting website will encourage visitors to stay on it. Additionally, they are more likely to return and spread the word about it. Thus, it is extremely important that your design is professional, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing.

A good web designer will insist that visual design is an essential part of the website.

2. Optimized for the User

A report by Walkerinfo states: By 2020, customer experiences will surpass price and products as the key brand differentiators.

A customer's first experience with your company is usually through your company website. A user's experience is critical to their relationship to, perception of, and engagement with your product, brand, and company. A time-consuming, stressful, and frustrating experience will make them perceive you negatively. If the user experiences your brand as convenient, efficient, and helpful, they will associate that with your brand.

When creating a website, there are four aspects to follow to ensure that it is truly user-friendly.


In order to improve the user experience on your site, it is vital that you explain who you are, what you do, and why you are the right choice. This is generally called a value proposition and should be short and just a sentence or two long. More than 90% of the websites people visit are viewed for less than seven seconds on average. Therefore, your homepage should feature your value proposition prominently.


A website needs to have a natural and logical path (or pathways) through it that are both logical and serve the needs of visitors while also leading them to your conversion goal for them e.g. purchasing, enquiring, subscribing, etc. A pathway should incorporate all of the pages within a website, including the navigation.


Connection rather than persuasion is essential when it comes to content. Studies show that a conversational tone engages visitors more effectively than a more aggressive sales pitch. When you communicate more naturally, you'll tie into your audience's emotions.


Clarity and simplicity in both design and content. Being minimal and on point creates an experience that is easy to navigate and understand. Avoid the temptation of thinking more is better only to overwhelm the user. Even if you provide a lot of information, it must be presented in a simple and straightforward manner. Having a WordPress website can be extremely easy!

3. Optimized for Mobile

According to Adobe, 8 out of 10 people will stop engaging with content that does not display well on their device.

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere today, and people constantly use them to communicate and seek information. Over 50% of people now prefer mobile devices to desktops, ensuring the majority of site visitors are using a mobile device.

People often desire, and expect, a simple and quick way to access information on their mobile devices. It is conclusively established that users of mobile devices will spend less time on non-mobile-optimized websites, engage with content less, and are more likely to leave your website for a competitor's.

As if that weren't bad enough, Google now penalizes non-mobile-friendly websites. The importance of responsive web design has grown so great that Google will now make websites that are not mobile-friendly less visible in search engine results.
Mobile responsive websites are no longer a luxury. It's essential. An effective website design must have a strong foundation.

4. Technically Sound

According to Econsultancy, 40% of visitors will leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

In addition to affecting the performance and reliability of your website, the technology that your website is built upon may significantly affect the efficiency with which you can update content and interact with your visitors. There are many important factors to consider when creating a website: the code, the content management system, the hosting, and the ongoing security management. If you fail to set up and manage your website properly, the repercussions are far-reaching and continuing: bad customer experience, lost sales, your ongoing attention, time, and money, and extreme frustration.

However, you will be left with little control over the whole technical aspect of your website development. The choice of the right web design company is extremely important because you will be entrusting your website to your designer and host. You should choose a company that is well-established, has been around for a long time, has a good number of clients, and is well-respected. Spending the time needed to make the right choice is well worth the investment, as it will help build a technically sound website and provide an excellent experience for you and website visitors.



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