WordPress has been around for a long time as a cost-effective content management system built with an open-source framework. The result is that it is used on over a quarter of all websites globally - or nearly 60 million with over 100,000 new websites appearing every day.

WordPress has traditionally been a cheaper alternative to expensive custom-built websites due to its ability to work with template designs and plug-ins that expand its functionality. With the proliferation of WP websites, the platform and its community of developers have been able to offer a growing number of features and capabilities.

since the platform's inception as a simple site-building tool for bloggers. Today, it is used by some of the world's biggest brands and web developers. It is clear that WordPress' growing capabilities will not slow down anytime soon with this continued growth. Because of this, we have compiled the top five reasons why WP and WooCommerce continue to be the go-to web development solution for businesses around the globe.

1. WordPress is Open Source

To build your website, you can choose from multiple content management systems. A large number of these, however, are proprietary and therefore require licenses that involve annual fees. This means that proprietary CMS solutions tend to be insecure, expensive, and limited. As an open-source solution, it provides business owners with another option. The open-source nature of the software allows anyone to use it, and it has gained a huge global following of developers who have advanced the framework to such a point that it has now become a de-facto method of developing web applications.

2. WordPress and WooCommerce Offer the Best of Both Worlds

When businesses are first considering developing a website, they don't always think about selling products online. However, down the road, they realize they are losing out on sales by not having an e-commerce site. If a business decides to add e-commerce functionality to their website, they must often hire a web developer to rebuild the website using an entirely different framework. Also, most e-commerce frameworks are limited in their capability as a content management system, instead offering a pared-down version of competing platforms.

One of the leading content management systems, WordPress, offers almost unlimited design and functionality options. With the official shopping cart plugin WooCommerce, web developers can easily integrate an e-commerce website onto a WordPress website, giving business owners the benefits of an online store with the flexibility of a content management system.

3. WordPress’ Framework is Scalable

There are constant updates and plugins being released due to the large open-source community of web developers. Plug-ins are small pieces of software that can be installed on a website to enable another type of functionality. WooCommerce, for example, has plugins to add online shopping carts, image galleries, and registration forms. You can scale up the functionality of your business' website at a moment's notice thanks to the numerous plugins available to your WP developer.

Business owners are no longer constrained by their old websites or forced to rebuild when their needs change. WordPress provides a scalable option for businesses that wish to grow with their website. A world where technology and client expectations are changing at a rapid pace makes it impossible to invest in a framework that will satisfy your website builder requirements long term, and it does that well.

4. Security and Ease of Updates

WordPress offers frequent updates, and its large open-source community ensures that security patches for malware are regularly updated. As a result of these frequent updates, your website is much less vulnerable to a cyber-attack than older platforms. With WordPress, it's no longer necessary to worry about compatibility issues. With regular updates, your website will display and function as expected even when web browsers and mobile devices update their software.

As part of your managed solution, you can expect your developer or web designer to perform these updates on your behalf. Updates using this system are easy to implement and do not involve any downtime or network of staging servers like other content management systems do. The website constantly updates as soon as you click a button and if you've used reputable plugins, the process of testing and tracking bugs is virtually non-existent.

5. WordPress Offers Endless Web Design Capabilities

A common misconception is that you must use pre-designed WordPress templates to have a website. Due to this perception, many business owners who are looking for fully customized solutions for their new website overlook WordPress as an ideal framework. A reputable web design firm or web developer will tell you that it is more than capable of delivering a customized website.

WP content management systems offer businesses limitless design possibilities when it comes to their websites. It's not necessary for your web designer to use a template, but rather to provide a totally customized solution that is designed and developed from the ground up. The WordPress and WooCommerce platforms give you control back over your business. You can customize the platforms according to your company's branding.

6. WordPress Puts The User First

The WP interface is intuitive and easy to use, so most employees will find it easy to use. Compared to other cumbersome website and eCommerce CMS interfaces, it requires little training and is easy to introduce to team members who will be updating the website on a regular basis. SEO by Yoast is a well-known plugin that makes on-page search engine optimization (SEO) simple, which means your employees can confidently handle your business' day-to-day SEO services and strategy.

It also gives business owners plenty of resources for managing and updating their websites. In the past, updating a business's blog or products has been left to a few people in the business who understand how. With WordPress, there is no overwhelm or confusion. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface has made it accessible to businesses of any size - from a local restaurant to a multinational conglomerate. Content management systems that compete with it cannot offer this kind of flexibility.

It has evolved beyond its roots as a blogging platform to become the leading content management system available to businesses and leading brands today. Due to its multitude of functionality, along with its wide use, it has the capability to cater to a wide variety of businesses.




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1What is the cost of a WordPress website?
The WordPress software itself is a free, open-source website creation and content management system. WordPress websites do, however, require a domain name and monthly hosting costs, at the very least. Professionally developed WordPress websites usually cost between $2000 and $10,000.
2Is WP good for SEO?
Yes, I believe so. WordPress has developed a reputation for being SEO-friendly, and is even recommended by Google Google praises it as a "fantastic choice". WordPress offers thousands of plugins and themes that enable customization and adherence to SEO best practices in addition to being a very good "out-of-the-box" SEO tool. Yoast SEO, one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins, has become somewhat of an authority on the topic.
3How long does it take to build a WP website?
In a few days, an experienced WordPress designer can install WordPress on their hosting account, upload a theme, and add content to the website. On the other hand, a custom WordPress website typically takes six to fourteen weeks from planning to completion. The length of time it takes depends on the complexity and scope of the project.
4What is a CMS in web development?
CMS software allows website owners to edit and update the content of their websites. CMSs have allowed website owners to manage their websites without relying on developers or web design agencies. The process of choosing a CMS that fits the owner's needs has become a fundamental part of web development.
5What is a WP designer?
A WordPress designer is a web designer who works exclusively with the WordPress CMS platform. A web designer might choose to focus on one platform - in this case WordPress - as it allows them to work quickly and efficiently on a platform that is familiar and predictable.