It is imperative that you work with a reputable logo designer to ensure that your company brands and logo design accurately represents your business. You need not be a designer to know how to evaluate your own designs and work with a graphic designer, but by understanding the basics of good design, you will know how to do so. A great logo should have four fundamental components.

1. Simplicity

In the best company, emotion or idea is effectively conveyed without trying to say too much at once. Shapes that are flat, bold lines, and crystal clear text are hallmarks of simple logos, which never risk being cluttered or confusing.

Business owners may get carried away with innocent enthusiasm when they want to convey the maximum amount of meaning through a logo design. Additionally, this is often a distraction in many situations. Your logo should not be a puzzle or a poem, rather, it should be an elegant icon that represents your organization's personality and values.

2. Flexibility

It is possible that your logo will be as big as a billboard one day or as small as a postage stamp. At all sizes and in varying contexts, icons and fonts should be balanced and readable. If it appears in one color and on a black background instead of white, will your logo still be clear and effective? A good logo designer plans ahead and considers these factors. You may also receive a style guide from an experienced business designer detailing the best way to use your logo across different market channels.

3. Reliability

The best logo designs center around a single attribute that is relevant to your prospects and your industry. Is it focused on power, agility, connectivity, or innovation? Audiences should resonate with and be relevant to the message you are delivering. The logo of a childcare center should be colorful and fun, whereas the logo of a law firm should be conventional and confident. The brand image of your company depends on this, so it deserves emphasis.

Choosing a logo that is relevant also means choosing one that aligns with your business objectives, and not simply your personal tastes. If you cannot support your message visually, do not include unnecessary elements.

4. Artistry

Ultimately, a great logo is like a work of art. In the same way as art, it can instantly elicit positive emotions, such as joy, gratitude, or anticipation. Your business' passion can be clearly communicated in only one glance using color, font, layout, and graphic elements. Arranging these elements for maximum impact and influence requires real artistry. The design fails most often in this area, based on our experience.

There are four distinct categories of aesthetics in a successful brand design. A logo's design can be more easily moved into its ideal embodiment by evaluating it from each of these viewpoints.


Logos can be as simple as the business name typed in the perfect font. With or without additional graphic elements, a logo with the right font will clearly communicate your brand's identity. An improved font can bring life to a brand, and well-crafted fonts are art in themselves.


Colors play a significant role in how people perceive your brand. According to region, age, and gender, these relationships can have emotional and cultural significance. The most common method of creating eye-catching combinations is with a few main colors and then a complementary neutral color such as light grey, charcoal, or beige.


How well-balanced are the logo's special elements? It is essential that your graphic designer sizes and positions the icon, text of your company name, and subtext used in your logo in a way that makes the final product look unified.


It is true that a well-executed custom logo can elevate an effective icon to an exceptional one. Icons aren't always necessary, and sometimes the most effective icons are the simplest. If you break down the logo into its parts, both conceptually and visually, you'll be in a better position to create and recognize a logo that is a perfect representation of your business.



Our services are trusted by over 2000 businesses worldwide. The reputation of our company has been built on delivering quality work at affordable prices with exceptional service. We have a talented and experienced team of in-house graphic designers who will work with you to create a great logo for your business. With our understanding of business concepts and branding imagery, we can create an impactful corporate identity. With our exceptional customer service and in-house designers, you can be sure your logo is in good hands.


If you need a logo or branding in the future, call or email us.
Any questions you may have can be answered by our friendly and experienced consultants.

In order to proceed, we require a 60% deposit and then send out the design brief.
This deposit can be paid with a credit card or via bank transfer. Our team will be able to provide you
bank account information or credit card information over the phone.

BVT logo design process is very simple:


We send you a design brief first. The questionnaire asks questions about your business and your ideas.


Within 3-7 days after receiving your design brief, our design team will present you with initial logo concepts.


You and the designer will go through several rounds of revisions from here on out. The artwork is signed off once it is completed.


Upon completion, you will receive a professional "logo style guide" that includes logo, colors, and fonts in the proper formats for use.